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Home remedy Part 3: Walnut - include this super nut in daily diet.

Walnut (Hindi – Akhrot) is from family of dry fruits with special powers. While many nuts have few benefits, the benefits from walnuts are more than enough. You will be convinced once you read this article fully. Surely, you will include it in daily diets. 

What’s more beneficial is that if you eat only 2-4 walnuts a day is enough to keep you strong and health.

Important: If you are living in tropical regions and/or when temperature is usually more than 40 degrees, you can infuse/soak walnuts in water in night and eat them next morning(like you do for almonds!!!)
Water soaked Walnuts

Let’s go through the benefits:

  • High level of Antioxidants increases immunity -  Walnut has highest level of antioxidants in entire nuts family. This keeps you energetic all day and immune against diseases.
  • Rich in Omega-3. – It is the best vegetarian diet rich in Omega 3. Omega 3 is best and essential for your heart health.
  • Reduces bad cholesterol – Again good for heart, walnut prevents damage of bad cholesterol LDL.
  • May Help Lower Blood Pressure – Cannot emphasis more due to benefits explained in above two points.
  • Can increase intellect level or Brain Function – Not only it looks like brain but it has direct relation with improvement of brain cells and tissue. So, it very helpful for maintaining overall brain health, improving learning skills and memory, stimulate sleep as well as keeping anxiety at bay.
  • Shield against Cancers – Walnut can prevent cancers which may include breast, prostate and colorectal cancers. phew!!
  • Diabetes and Weight Control. - eating walnuts may help control blood sugar by mechanisms beyond their influence on weight control. It controls your appetite so that you feel less hungry thereby, avoiding unnecessary food intake due to craving.
  • For glowing skin and hair – Walnut contains Vitamin B and E which helps your skin moisturized, glowing, prevents from aging. Walnut oil reduces dark circles and face-pack improves glow on your skin. It has positive impact on hair and helps reduce dandruff. Do not underrate the aging part though.
  • Male sperms and reproductive health – Walnut is known to increase sperm counts and sperm life. further, it helps to increase size of male reproductive organ. Both these benefits helps healthier sex life and quicker pregnancy to females.
Walnut on tree, ready to be plucked

Serious Side-Effects

Allergic ReactionsIf you are allergic to walnuts then do not intake walnut despite the numerous benefits explained above. This may prove fatal if you are allergic to walnut. 

Black walnut – Black walnut is dietary supplement and should not be consumed normally unless prescribed. The health benefits and reaction to medication varies largely with black walnut. So these should be consumed in consultation with a doctor only. Brown walnut can be taken daily unless allergic.

Black Walnut

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