About Me

I am a Krishna Lover,  qualified accountant  and technological enthusiast.

I love to explore new technologies, gadgets and feel happy to share with people. That’s how, I came up with the idea of creating this website. This is a wonderful way to share my life experience in Finance and Health.

Some may feel what is the connection between Finance and Health. So while doing Finance job I lost my health and had to take a break to recover my health back. In the whole process, I got lot of experience in finance and health issues. This platform is my chance to share those enriching experience with you so that my readers are benefited and they may avoid adverse situations.

Finance experience:

I have 12+ years of experience in Finance and Accounting with Multi-national companies. So, it is just not  the services I offer I can help on, but can also help you manage your business or individual process. I have already 10+running macros currently in my last organization making a difference in daily activities.


Quite unfortunately, I have gone through ailments from head to toe which were painful but given me precious experience to help others.

Those who want to get more personalized help may reach me out at financeandhealthexpress@gmail.com.

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