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Home remedy Part 2: Shareefa, Sitaphal, Ramphal, Custard apple or Sugar apple can treat liver cancer

This is lesser known fruit in India, especially in North India. This fruit comes for a limited time during October to December. Given below is the variety of names by which it is known so that you can search in your local markets:

Sitaphal, Ramphal, Shareefa, Sharifa, Custard Apple, Sugar Apple

There is another variant below which can be seen in market with almost same benefits, well almost:
Image credit: Will Moreno

Well you now know the fruit, let's know about taste, nutrients and health benefits.

Very tasty- first thing comes to your mind when you eat it. 
Its very sweet and delicious. Kids will love it too. Also, suitable for our toothless grandma because it is so soft.
Tip to store in refrigerator - sprinkles some water once daily to store it. Otherwise, it will become too hard. Hard enough to hit somebody badly.

Sugar Apple is full of anti-oxidants and vitamins. It contains potassium, vitamin A, copper, phosphorus, fiber, calcium in abundant.

How does it relate to my body and health? Well read on....

Health Benefits:
If you are not doctor, do not bother what it contains as all the ingredients above are beneficial to the body. Like for everything else, always check with your doctor to take this fruit during pregnancy.

1. Miracle for Liver disease. 
This fruit is known to treat liver cancer and can normal SGOT and SGPT level within days for others. Life Savoir!!! isn't it.

2. Good for eyes

3. Improves digestion 
Just eat once and feel the difference.

4. Keep your body active
The high anti-oxidant properties are excellent for skin, heart, bones and blood pressure.

5. Treat arthritis

6. Good for pregnant women 
Helps women to save from mood swings, morning sickness, reduces labour pain and even can save miscarriages. As suggested, keep your doctor informed.

7. Prevent skin disease and skin ageing 
All the women out there, are you listening!! 
A fruit which is beneficial in many ways and can keep everyone young too.

This is limited addition of benefits this fruit can give. The most wonderful thing is that you can feel the difference in the body from the first day of eating.

But hello - do not just keep on eating this fruit during the season. 1-3 Custard Apple is sufficient for your body needs.

So, write in your diaries, click photo of this fruit, take any mean to remind you but make sure to eat this fruit this season and every season.

Let me know your experience in comment section.

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