Thursday, December 20, 2018

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Registration under MSME As Small/ Medium Scale Industries

Micro, Small and Medium sized enterprises in both the manufacturing and service sector can obtain MSME Registration under the MSMED Act. Though the MSME registration is not statutory, it is beneficial for business at it provides a range of benefits such as eligibility for lower rates of interest, excise exemption scheme, tax subsidies, power tariff subsidies, capital investment subsidies and other support.

MSME Registration are a certification which is issued by respective state government department to avail to benefits under the MSME Act. Now from the 2015 government modified the MSME or SSI Registration and its has been changed into the UdyogAadhar Registration.

Benefits of registration:

MSME registration is really important for developing the transparency and accountability Government of India has basically categorized industries which is known as MSME- Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises. MSME is Government body to promote businesses of small and medium businesses.

 One of the unique advantage of MSME registration is that it authorizes numerous incentives and incentives to industries included under MSMED Act. In order to subscribe under MSME, a MSME registration procedure is mandatory. Apart from the enterprises as mentioned  above, some  firms, or shop registration or public  and private limited companies, LLPs are also eligible to apply for registration under MSME to avail its benefits.

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